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Life Events & Storytelling
Marketing or Fundraising Efforts
Event Videography


With pictures and moving pictures, I tell your story through my lens. My passion is co-creating stories for individuals and families. I also work with small-business and non-profit organizations to create effective marketing, event, and fundraising stories through multimedia. Whether it be a video for a family member's milestone birthday or a YouTube movie about a fundraiser for a local charity, I use photography, videography and music to create an emotional connection with your story. Samples of my work are listed below, or check out my YouTube channel.


Standard Production (up to 20 minute video clips) $600-900

  • Creative design & production of a short video clip of up to 20 minutes in length
  • Generally 9-12 billable hours, thought this may vary based on your needs (identified during scope definition)
  • Project cost estimate finalized during scope definition


Custom Production

  • Custom multimedia design & production on one or more video clips
  • Project cost estimate finalized during scope definition


All productions include:

  • Location of client's choosing, in the greater Indianapolis area or the studio of C Todd Creations
  • Able to work with existing images or video clips, and/or combine with production-related filming
  • Specifications for final video clip (video & audio formats) dependent on end-purpose
  • Standard bill rate is $70 / hour; projects can be time & material, estimate not to exceed, or fixed scope bid

After discussing your needs, I'd be happy to put together an estimate for work in these or other areas.

Personal Storytelling: Celebration of Life Memorial












Community Storytelling: Marketing & Social Media















Community Storytelling: Event Videography














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