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Sights & Sounds

In the same way that our words and/or images tell a story, so does sound – particularly music.

I'm including links to various video/audio collections and playlists from recent chapters in my life.  I hope you find them interesting and thought provoking.  If you have anything to share, please let me know!

Please contact me if you have a project idea for a custom video or slideshow. These are great for personal events as well as for small business/non-profit events and/or marketing. 

Sample Work 

YouTube Playlist of original work (www.CToddCreations.com)

Vimeo Group of original work (www.CToddCreations.com)

Life Lessons 101

Sing Together – Mr. Roger’s Remix (YouTube)

Tribute to 100 Years, Mee-maw Schneider (You Tube Playlist)

Mee-maw’s Storytelling (Soundcloud Playlist)

Life Diary & Blog, especially focused on recovery and/or asset-based community themes (Wordpress Blog)

Romance and Fairytales…


Exercise and Meditation

Sleeping At Last Collection (Blog Entry for now...)



(Note: the works here are sometimes original video/audio, other times collections from external artists…or a mix.  So, I give credit appropriately in my comments and sharing…)