C Todd Creations | My Focus

Portrait, event and lifestyle photography

creatively telling your story through my lens as your family and community photographer

Creative Portraits

for capturing those special life-moments!

  • individual, couples and family photography (family storytelling)
  • senior portraits (one of those special life-moments)
  • professional head shots (personal storytelling)
  • lifestyle portraits (every day life, special moments, urban storytelling)
  • event photography & videography (community storytelling)


Video Storytelling

for sharing one's own story, for giving voice to that which needs to be told!

With pictures and moving pictures, we tell your story. Whether it be a video for a family member's milestone birthday or a YouTube movie about a fundraiser for a local charity, I use photography, videography and music to create an emotional connection with your story.

These include personal and business related storytelling. My passion is co-creating personal stories, and working with small-business and non-profit organizations to create effective marketing, event, and fundraising stories through multimedia.

C Todd Creations

keep telling the story!