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Engineer to Artist

I never really thought of myself as an artist. I went to school for industrial engineering and engineers are more known for being left-brained. 

Like many of us, I defined myself by my job, my career. Until 2010, when I lost my job - and my identity - and my self-confidence. My work was “who I was.”

So I believed...

During this time, a friend (De’Amon Harges) saw some of my photographs displayed in my home. He named what he saw in me...an artist.  He helped me to see myself differently.

Embracing this, I began to create..


Life Lessons Thru Photography

Oft times, the challenge for me is to make sure I’m not so focused on the photography that I miss taking in the moment, savoring the experience, enjoying the beauty...or later forgetting where I took the picture!

For me, this is true of life in general.

Am I so distracted by smartphones, my wandering mind, or tomorrow that I fail to miss what or who is right in front of me, in that moment?

A movie quote that captures this spirit...


"Sometimes I don't take the picture. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don't like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it... Right there. Right here.”


Photo Blog

For me, the "story behind the image" is just as important to share as the picture itself. Check out my site blog for back stories to my collection and more insights into who I am and why I love telling stories through my lens.